Nightmares Going Around With the Blood Moon


The lunar eclipse and the Blood Moon have a lot of us up with insomnia and down with unusual dreams. There are also some of us who feel the moon’s energy, like a mild electrical current or the din of barely audible talk radio. The moon may be the stuff of love stories, but it ain’t romantic staring at the ceiling fan. I was so tired last night that I began chanting the name of Dr. Sanjay Gupta. My logic was that it is shorter than Ganesha’s mantra and might get me snoozing faster. Om Sanjay Gupta, Om Sanjay Gupta, Om Sanjay Gupta. Fail! Tonight I may try Om Acetaminophen followed by a few Om Chaka Knans for good measure.

A coworker told me she had a dream where some people she knew were killed gangnam style, and the killers were coming for her too. The terror in her eyes was evident as she recounted what the Blood Moon had dealt her. I was trying to be supportive, but I had to put a lit cigarette against the belly laugh brewing inside me. Who could be scared of a killer trotting toward you on an invisible horse?

“What horse,” she said quite puzzled. Well, that’s what her eyes appeared to say. You see, my insomnia made me think she had said gangnam style, but it was actually gang style. The dream was that her friends were killed gang style, an altogether more threading scenario. I empathized as best I could, but I had to leave the conversation. My face was burning, and I was concerned that my morning stupor had led to me accidentally getting deer repellant in my eye. Everything in the town of Sandfly is coated in it. The Blood moon affects animals too, and word is out that the deer now eat penny loafers.


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