Daily Life and Being Your Own Guru

Women regularly give power away, and we do this by creating gurus for different areas of our lives. We have our hair guru, our garden guru, our home guru, and the list of our presumed experts goes on. Nobody is an expert on everything, and so it makes sense to seek advice when we need it. However, have you noticed there is an epidemic with women? It’s so common that we don’t even think about it. We can’t stand the thought of being our own life’s expert.IMG_0117

The female collective has a shared energy these days that we all should shake loose. It begins with fear. This fear is rooted deeply in the global feminine. That means we’re all feeling all the fear. We feel our own, but we feel other people’s fear too.IMG_0209

Creating gurus has become a coping mechanism for fear, and it does have the bonus of passing on responsibility. You take advice from someone else (hair color, landscape design, paint color for the den, which vacation to take, which car to buy, which politician gets a vote), and you have someone to potentially blame. We are choosing based on the fear of things going wrong. We are giving away our power, and we are used to how that feels. It’s become our normal not to decide for ourselves. IMG_9972We are deferring our intuition and at the same time wondering why it doesn’t work?

Many of us have made progress. We look one or two generations back, and we see how far we’ve come.  But ask yourself: How far could I go?

Savannah folks, class begins October 24th at 7:30P.M.

Uncover your blocks and be your own life guru.

Interested? Email: christineslucas@yahoo.com


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