The Great Disconnect Between You and Your Body


How do you feel about your body? If I ask you this, chances are you will answer in terms of your medical condition or your physical appearance. That’s hardly a frog in the toilet. I mean it’s no big shock that we see our bodies this way. The United States can be and unsavory coitus between medicine and media. I want to look good and feel good, and those two motivations are soothed over and over again. But our relationship with our body can be so much more intimate and loving, and having this healthy exchange leads to inner kingdoms of knowing and comfort. There is joy to be shared with self and nobody else, and this is not the work of a desperate and lonely person. No, this is a triple-dog dare. Going inward is licking a metal pole in a snow storm, and cheering divine lightning as it sets you free.

Deeper understandings I will be covering include:

The balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body. This affects emotions, confidence, and our general willingness to take action. It also affects our ability to give and receive in every aspect of life.

Recovering or initiating healthy sexuality with self. This is understanding sexual/creative energy, and how our relationship to it affects more than our sex lives. If you’ve had to heal from sexual trauma in your past and are looking to re-engage with your body, this will be helpful. If you have the surges of awakening sexuality (possibly Kundalini rising), and yet need a clearer understanding of why the heck you are feeling energetically, this will be helpful.

Removing the limits of what our body can do energetically. We live in a physical world, and we tend to see our bodies with physical limitations. This is not the case with your energy body. Imagination can and should be stretched here, because it is this very creative play that leads to love, respect, and peace with one’s self. Watch the roadblocks fall away with the slightest glance. Only thoughts held them in place, and new thoughts remove them.


Surprises are in store when you get to know your body and its energy. The ghosts go bye-bye, but there is a flush of excitement around every corner.


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