Will Shoot Headshot for Weed

IMG_0543 This morning I went to visit my friend Laurie. She is going back to school to become a paralegal and needed an updated headshot. Super easy, because – heck look at her! She is also the mother of three boys and quite mystical in her own right.

Laurie and I like to talk about spirituality, and this morning’s talk over tea took us there again. It came up how physical activity and spirituality go hand in hand. There is a direct connection between what our body is doing and what energy is flowing through it. Sounds obvious, right? Nope, take away the limits of what you think is possible. Your body can tune into anything while you’re: running, dancing, playing soccer, swimming, or even having sex. You might get insights from Tibet or Martha Stewart. What lights you up lights you up.

As I finished my tea, I stood up and noticed the wild flowers growing in Laurie’s backyard. They were the ones I’d seen along roadsides, and I wanted some to take over a section of my yard.

“They’re weeds,” Laurie laughed when I asked for some.

“Native plants,” I corrected. Truthfully, I’m not sure if they’re native. I’m praying they are and not something from China that will take over my subdivision. A few minutes later she had her gloves on and was yanking big stretches of them for me. It was an excellent exchange of goods and services.

Afterward I stopped to visit my friend Murray, future Mayor of Savannah, and he gave me a pack of Empowerment cards by Carolyn Cummings R.N. I am not driven to use tarot cards, but he’s the second person in two weeks to suggest I play around with them.

Once I got home, I planted my weeds along my front pathway. Next I went inside and did a short meditation with Shiva Lingam energy. This is a topic I will be covering soon. Shiva Lingam stones are an excellent energy balancing tool, and the insight gained from them is extraordinary. It’ll be a class eventually.

So, I shuffled the deck from Murray this afternoon, and this is what I pulled. Forgive my dirty thumb, I’d been gardening of course.IMG_0544


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