Haunted With a Purpose

Photo by Kristin Boudreau, Copyright 2014

Photo by Kristin Boudreau, Copyright 2014

Do you feel haunted? I can tell you that there are lots of people out there whose sensitivity to other realms has left them wondering who and what wants to get their attention on the other side.

In Savannah, Georgia ghosts mean different things to different people. To tourists, they are sought after like pop stars. But there are also tour guides who carry protective rocks and crystals in their pockets, (or in their bras), to ward off entity attachments. There are the stories published in books, and their are those told in confidence. These are the sort of stories that the teller can’t quite be sure about. They are personal and speak of something more insidious. Feeling your way through a haunting takes time and can even take decades, but what is time when we’re all so present?4a11932v

There are doors in Savannah, Georgia, behind which the haunted have found solace. Understanding souls with abilities to stop the goings on can be found. There are different methodologies for this sort of thing, different recipes, rituals, and price tags to go along with them. There are always new city residents who find themselves in need. Something has found them, their house, their bed, their body, their mind. This never happened to them in other places, but Savannah has rattled the cage. There are even long-time residents who’d rather avoid the stirrings of downtown altogether. It’s location specific they say, and yet is that their boundary or spirit’s?

My suggestion is a new perspective. You’re being haunted with a purpose, and the ghost story isn’t over yet. Your ghost story is a rite of passage. IMG_6233


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