Fear and the New Self-Contained Mystic

IMG_9069 Releasing the Cycle of Fear
On the Spiritual Path
Copyright Christine S. Lucas 2014

If you look at the people around you today, at your co-creators, there is a radiant sense of unity. Well, it’s cyber unity. Whether you’re Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, or among the world’s many other mystics, there is a “trending” knowledge that we are all one on the path. The connections are endless between us, even as we come from different backgrounds, pursue different processes, and support each other on the trails that would lead to enlightenment.
Even as we welcome beginners on this quest to understanding spirit, even as we indoctrinate others into our traditions of inclusion, love, and psychic understanding, our 3rd dimension practices require evaluation. Where we strive to empower we must consider where our very relationship to spiritual tradition and familiar lingo take that power away. If we truly are progressing spiritually, then taking a close look at what is most sacred, most beloved, and untouchable is mandatory. It’s the nature of the cycles we honor to look once more at where we started and decide whether it’s time to get off that loop.
As a community we encourage people to seek to understand and improve psychic ability. We call it a gift, even if it is misunderstood originally. We challenge ourselves to see our true selves. Humans, see your connection to the divine! See the love accessible to you. Believe and by doing so manifest. We’ve gotten pretty comfortable with this idea, if the quotes spreading around social media are any indication. You can’t look at a screen without someone telling you the next step to take for personal growth. Cuddly animals and quotes, and we’re skipping down the brick road to Oz.
When people engage the spiritual community, it’s love and light, but once you are in the door we give each other tools. On your journey, take these tools to make it easier. Once you are conscious of your spiritual nature, you have to maintain it. My question is who was maintaining it before? I am not speaking of religious practices. I am talking about being born as a human anywhere in the world. Who was our psychic Tim the Tool Man? We didn’t have one, because we were doing it ourselves. Badly? Maybe, but learning from mistakes and integrating what we learn is raising consciousness. It’s when we become conscious of growing consciousness that we have to start doing certain stuff.

Look at the tools that we call sacred. We value them because of how they have been used in the past. We value them because of who used them. A Shaman gave me this. A monk gave me this. This, my dear, is Holy. Our connection to those who came before us is beautiful. It’s to be honored, but what if the very honoring of its essence means releasing it for holding us back?
The first two concepts we accept as spiritual beings are clearing and balance. There are countless examples of how we achieve these. Crystal medicine, herbal medicine, energy medicine, aromatherapy. You name it. No matter the method, all of these tools are have one thing in common: they are working in consciousness.
We are a factor. We are creatures, and our default is comfort. We nestle into what resonates. We find our people, our practices, and our sacred objects – often of protection, and we take for granted that they will lead us the whole way. Fine, fine, fine, I will release my fears, my pain, my addiction, and here is my acceptance of the way. I’m humbled and grateful that I found it.

IMG_8473But something happens. We begin to equate gratitude with loyalty, loyalty to what we’ve been shown, where we’ve been guided, to how we are doing it now. The very nature of moving down a spiritual path is that you will have to move. What if growth means leaving where you are and accepting a new awareness? What if that even means leaving what you thought you were going to carry the whole wayWhat I am leading to is challenging our constructs. If you sit in a place where Karma is your life’s framework, it is in fact your bottom floor. It’s your root, and your root chakra is going to go ding, ding, ding! Hold it! You can’t release that construct! You’ve built the rest of your life on it. You’ve built your house on it, and your relationship with self, others, and spirit to it. If your construct is the empowerment you find from smudging your house with white sage, when does power become yours and not the sage’s?


We all seek the Holy and the capable outside ourselves, and this is across many spiritual practices. Who hasn’t been told to psychically shield themselves? Who hasn’t been told to envision white light, a purple flame, a sacred rose, nectar running down our head and shoulders? Who hasn’t worn something to feel protected?
How did these make you feel? Uh, protected? Well, what if the next step on the path is accepting that you are self-contained. We don’t require protection so much as raised awareness. Fear, shame, guilt, addiction, jealousy, what many accept as trials we must overcome: what if we aren’t to keep them away? What if we are to look at them closer? What if we are to step forward and look painfully close at our root chakras and shine a white light on everything we see.

IMG_8273The argument is that as bright lights we attract darkness. It’s why people carry certain rocks in their pockets, and why demons must be guarded against as we evolve. It’s not just at the beginning. We must accept that as we move farther down the path and acquire spiritual knowledge, things will scare us. We will still cling to what we know in favor of what we don’t. We are human, and the next step is always finding what scares you.
Find your big, bad wolf, and dance it around the room.

If you are scared, find out why! Invite more wolves and dance with them too. Fill your dance card with fears as the show up to the party. If you’re a bright light, embrace the dark. Learn its anatomy. It’s part of the whole. You attract darkness? Bravo! Love your monsters Investigate them. Take darkness on as a beloved for which you are responsible, for which YOU are responsible. And by doing this, your spirit doesn’t expand. Your consciousness is raised to the awareness that you are self-contained and at the same time limitless. Your rock-solid foundation is that you are fluid.


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