A Mediumship Lesson by Watching Theresa Caputo

IMG_7988 I have never been trained as a medium, but I have done it knowingly twice. The first time, it was spontaneous and lasted about an hour. I could feel the different energies moving around my chest, and I could easily make out different voices. The second time was an intentional effort, and that did not come through as clearly. There is a skill to this, and watching Theresa Caputo clued me into a few things.

I cannot say that what I’m about to mention are things that Caputo does intentionally. What I will say is that they make sense to me.

The evening opened with Theresa doing a talk about how the channeling would work. She explained about what types of information she channels, and even explained how to avoid being the victim of scammers acting as her on the internet. I thought this beginning bit went on a little long, but there is good reason for it beyond the content.

You have to achieve a good vibration for channeling. Her body has to be ready, and don’t you think there are nerves coming out on stage? This is a woman who has written about experiencing panic attacks in her life, so it is a big deal that she manages herself in front of audiences so well. As her body and spirit come into alignment, the channeling happens better. At one point in the evening she mis-spoke and joked that she is a “hot mess.” Caputo also added that it meant spirit was ready.

Haven’t you ever been speaking and had something completely unexpected come out of your mouth? I was talking to my sister about her husband Bob running a marathon, and how I read it is important not to let other runners distract you. Then, I blurted out, “Rob wouldn’t do that.” Bob’s mother had passed away recently, and she called him Rob.” I haven’t called him that a day in my life.Spirit comes through in ways that people don’t expect.

Theresa Caputo is hilarious to watch, and there are times when her humor bumps awkwardly against the grieving people who require her services. She’s complimenting another audience member’s shoes, and 10 feet away a mother is waiting to have the information from her dead son continue. Guess what though, humor is medicine, and it is a high vibration. Being a channel is not empathizing. It’s not taking an emotional ride with those around you. That is what cocks up the channel, and the joking probably helps Theresa stay centered. After all, she’s a mother. She has family, and it would not be hard for her to imagine losing them right along with the people in front of her. Caputo can’t allow herself to do that though, because then she couldn’t do her job.

Think about the times in your life when you have prayed to God and to deceased family members to let you hear them. You’ve prayed and wanted that response. Well, you may pray emotionally, but balance that out with times of peace. Balance it with times you can be dispassionate, and the information that you get from spirit will be clearer.


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