Selective Resonance and Red Energy

Today I got a lesson from spirit on selective resonance. According to, it is: Resonance which occurs at one or more discrete frequencies, instead of extending over a band of frequencies as in some forms of filter. Spirit, however, explained it with a kiss.

During meditation I got a clear vision of red paint being rubbed across my lips. Was it really a vision? I mean it came out of nowhere. A point was being made with regard to how I and many people view the red chakra. If you are fresh out of a clearing stage, the red chakra’s dark side is emotionally draining. It’s full of delusions, and it’s confronting your fears, jealousies, and so forth. It’s suckage in the name of spiritual growth. I don’t mind getting on my high horse for a minute and telling you in my most priestess-like tone that it blows.

Spirit wanted to remind me of the other side of red. After the vision of my painted lips I felt a kiss,  a lingering kiss from a woman who explained, (Don’t get stuck on who she was. It could be Joan Rivers for all I know.) that moving red energy to your mouth is putting confidence and acceptance where you need or want it. I want to feel confident about teaching, and so the traditional sky blue isn’t the only color in play. Red on the mouth is is not trying to get more of the perfect kiss. It’s not yearning and feeling sad about the perfect kiss being out of reach. It is a feeling of accepting all that a kiss can be. To accept is to engage feminine energy. It’s different that going after a kiss, and it should be appreciated for its own unique resonance.

Where will you paint yourself, and what color will you choose?



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