Acceptance, Body Talk, and Self-Worth

Did you know that by loving and accepting different parts of your body, they actually become more loving and accepting? To fully understand this, we have to look closer at what the body, mind, and spirit disconnect actually means. What parts of the body get the most attention during the day? Whether through examination, elimination, or nourishment, our faces and reproductive organs get the most interaction.



This doesn’t take into account that some of that attention isn’t positive. There are blemishes to cover, wrinkles, the signs of ancestors being reborn in the form of laugh lines and bags under our eyes. So, our time spent with our face isn’t as much about adoration an acceptance as it is camouflage and futility. Even when we put food in our faces, the experience is more about cans and cannot versus gratitude.

Our reproductive organs carry the weight of our bathroom routine, our digestive system, our sex lives, (past, present, and future), and their own fertility. Part of your body carries the emotional burden of living up to its job or having there not be any more people in your family! Many an evening my vagina has requested shots of vodka over the whole thing. “The ovaries make me feel like Cinderella,” it told me once. “Evil step-sisters up there! I can’t take it!”

Between your face and your lady town are many body parts. Guys stick with me here too. Understanding your body’s knowledge means being nonjudgemental of those parts. To become sensitive to your body’s energy, and the information that imparts, you must stop thinking. Stop supposing what your boIMG_0892dy has to say. Stop saying, “Well, because of X, my body will say Y.” Just reserve the thinking and feel the sensations of your energy body. I have an exercise that will increase your sensitivity.

It goes like this:

Imagine standing in front of yourself. Your energy body stands before you, and it is your job to get to know it. Start at the crown of your head and move your hands down the sides to your ears. Slowly touch every part and pay attention to the  changing landscape of you – every rise and fall of your body’s form that has not been acknowledged with curiosity for so long. Move your hands down your neck and shoulders,  and do not stop until you reach the tip of your toes.

Emotions will surface as memories are revealed, but you don’t have to attach to them. Remind yourself that this is about getting to know your body. We’re not in a therapy session, we are simply exploring the sensations. It reminds me of the expression, “I know him like the back of my hand.” With that intent, get to know everything else.


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