Hey Mystics: Your White Light on the Fritz? Fear and the Creative

IMG_0624 Just imagine yourself surrounded by white light. I’ve heard this more times than the LaVerne & Shirley theme. It’s the go-to Chiclet for beginner intuitives, ghost hunters, and spiritualists, and varied versions of it shine throughout the world’s religions. When you are frightened or feel threatened, the white light is your everything. Screw you, whoever you are, I’ve got illumination that would make Edison and Tesla pudding wrestle. It can do anything, and that includes dealing with the likes of you. White light! Poof!

I bet you’ve found yourself in situations where you’ve called on the white light and still felt fear. I bet you’ve still found yourself faced with something, and the white light did not act as a magic wand. Or maybe you’ve obsessed about using the white light properly. This was me for a while. I became so unbalanced that I feared being wrong, doing it wrong, not keeping those demons or nuisance spirits away. Were they in my house? I imagined the light over my house. Were they in my front yard looking in windows or walking down my street like some jacked up horror movie character? White light, white light, white light!

It didn’t really matter though, because I had to fall asleep sometime. That’s when whoever it was I sensed would get to me. What did they want? Sex? To frighten me? Keep me awake? Oh God! Where is God by the way? He’s everywhere, that means here, but maybe he wants me to show faith with the white light visualization, and I’m still afraid. IMG_0625

What if you are supposed to be afraid? What if you are supposed to feel fear, and that is separate from whatever might be out there potentially causing fear. What I mean is feeling fear doesn’t correspond with whether there is something to fear. Fear in your body must be expressed sometimes. It has to come out as energy. Ask yourself what that energy makes you do? Does it make you have panic attacks? Does it make you curl up in the fetal position, does it make you enter risky relationships? Lots of us counter fear by trying to take control of a situation, figuring we can handle it better than the universe. We cope with fear by controlling, protecting, and the result is an inability to accept. Our masculine energy gets out of balance and is like pasta water boiling over.

White light has not only become a protector of us. We have used it to stop the fear response in our bodies. We have created a pressure cooker of fear inside ourselves, and it looks for release anywhere it can find it.


Even if we have to manifest ways for it to escape, the body will seek balance. It craves being centered. Just because you are clairaudient, doesn’t mean you aren’t dealing with fear. You might have a net of unhappy voices scaring you. Just because you’re clairvoyant, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to see things that scare you. In fact, there are times when a jolt of fear, or tears, or anger need to come out. That does not equal something trying to get you! Being conscious of this helps us be mindful of what we create.

Your mental body, also known as your mind, is tempted to expand on the fear when it feels it. It reacts. It creates a story around the emotion. It candy coats the emotion with a bunch of crap. Still, if it expresses that energy, the body is better for it.

If we don’t pay attention to what our body feels, we hold it and ourselves back. The language of a spiritual lifestyle can be a roadblock. Acceptance is not being a sailboat on rough seas. It isn’t allowing the world to dictate our path. Acceptance is allowing ourselves to come into full bloom. Allowing is not relinquishing boundaries in the name of spirit. Allowing is letting what wants to come out be free. The body may express fear, sexuality, joy, rage, jealousy, laughter, or a really good sneeze.

White light visualizations can have a wonderful effect once you are centered, but I’m here to tell you that so can imagining anything you love. If you put yourself in a place where your heart feels good, then you mind, your body, and your spirit are acting as one.


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