Just a Thought on Thinking


We play the traffic cop to our own thoughts. This makes a lot of sense for those of us who look to Buddhism for insight. It’s mental discipline. Alright thought, the show is over. Nothing to see here. Move along. But consider another perspective.

Energy healing is used to heal physical ailments. It’s used to heal emotional ailments. Consequently, thinking yourself through a healing scenario can work wonders. It can be like a massage for the mind when it is done with the right intention. Ahh, but you’re stuck again, right? You are judging whether your intention makes those thoughts worthy. You are wondering whether your thoughts, because of your questionable motives, are allowed. Are they good or selfish? Try thinking them and see what it feels like.

If you have a loving intention toward someone, and you take your thought process through a scene where you are, perhaps, giving a massage, you might enjoy the energy. Are they picking up your vibes? Maybe, if they are open to that. On your end, however, it is about projecting a healing energy. It is about releasing the idea that you can’t think something. The very expression of a sequence in your mind can actually clear it. You feel the energetic feedback, and the sense of being compassionate and loving. People aren’t always ready to hear or experience your desires in the physical, but then our minds get in these obsessive loops. I’m here to say that you should think it through. When the energy feels right in your heart, continue the liberating process of mental expression.

I bet some of you will see this as tapping someone else’s energy. No. I don’t know the quantum physics behind it, but think about it. Your heart, your vibration, during this thought sequence should be one of giving and getting in balance. After all, there is great joy in giving. If you find yourself at a point where you are so red with desire that you are in anguish, there are other emotions that must be worked though. What I’m talking about is for after you’ve cleared fear away. I’m talking about your life feeling good, but I’ve got a little un-expressed something. It’s hard to categorize. You just know. Life prevents you from getting something out, and your own mind get help.


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