Twelfth Dimension Energy: Tuesday’s Atomic Tingle


I remember thinking that the fourth dimension was a prick. It was 2012, and I was opening up to all of these new energetic sensations. I was learning the lingo of a multi-dimensional being. I was trying to find my people. Was I a dolphin lover, a fairy, an Arcturian, a Starseed, a half of a twin flame, a light worker, a bodhisattva, an empath, a clairsentient, a medium or just an ordinary gal having sex with ghosts?

Now, I punch my time card into the clock of a mystic. I’m comfortable with that. I sense energy, and my clairaudience breaks the energy down into an awareness of dimensions. I have spirit guides who are aiding me in discernment. I’m also a wife and mother of a small child, so I’ve got the pre-holiday cleaning underway. I’ve got home repairs underway, and contractors on the phone. I’ve got two cats, and one who thinks it’s fun to poop by the entertainment center. So, ya know, I’ve got a full life.

I feel energy surges a lot, and I usually don’t know exactly what they mean. I like the common term download. I like attunement, and I tend to just accept them as whatever energetic tweak I require. Lately, I’ve been hearing “twelfth dimension,” and today I actually had some clear back and forth communication. “What is happening; what is this for,” I asked.

“We’re exciting your atoms,” I heard.IMG_4716

Afterward, I was unable to get the Dalai Lama on the horn or a physicist, and so the internet was my first stop. I did find this information on Wikipedia, and it validates previous information with regard to my chakras. My guides explained chakras not with speed of rotation, but with temperatures. In quantum mechanics temperature describes the level of excitation in a group of particles…says this page.

I don’t know it all, but I know today was a good day. I like what I’m hearing. I also investigated twelfth dimension spirituality. There are a lot of resources out there where people describe the characteristics of other dimensions. I find these helpful, but I don’t get too stuck on them. Everyone’s perception is different. Still, what I gather from this reading is that the twelfth dimension is about universal joy, and the ability to consciously move between dimensions. I’m sure on some level there will always be a cat pooping where it ought not.


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