The Anatomy of Channeling: Elohim and the I Am Presence


The metaphor of being a receiver is perfect and commonly used for psychics, mystics, or whatever you choose to call yourself. This fluffy opening up process that we all talk and write about is full of emotional experiences and introspection, but then at some point you want to get to the nitty-gritty. There is the stage, encompassing many subsections) that I affectionally call: Holy Shit-Are You Fucking Kidding Me-I Can Actually Do This. That is followed by where I am now: I Am Grateful, But What the Fuck Are You Telling/Teaching Me Here. Brass tacks.

Well, the funny thing about brass tacks is that it combines your power to choose with the vast and infinite amount of knowledge available to you. This morning I channeled information, and I want to break the experience down for you.

Part 1: What I Take as a Given Going Into the Channeling Experience

It is a rare day in my life where I can sit down with a real intent to channel, but my body sends me signals when new energetic information is coming through. Maybe something especially important in the moment. This morning on the way home from dropping my child at school, I felt an energetic surge. Based on Tuesday’s information, they were “exciting my atoms.” I am a stage of development that is called working with your I AM presence. It’s the higher self every spiritual puss has been aiming us at for generations. Only now, you can freaking hear it!

Part 2: The Channeling

I am sitting calmly with a notebook and pen, and information begins flowing.

Mystics have nervous systems that engage higher sources.

In my mind, I see a shadowy version of the body, and another shadowy figure points to the 3rd eye and swirls it counter clockwise.

This is a portal. Dormant Processes. With a little work you can open your third eye. The butterfly will never be what you will become, because you are a surviving champion of creation. Science is a building block for where you want to end up. I am a supporting violet lesson plan.

I AM saying precisely what I have interviewed.

You have ordinary vowel sounds as a beginner, but when you extend your antennae, the intellect leads the way. You have important sources that will come and support you.  A thousand times a day we speak to you in voices unheard. 

I ask, “Who?”

Then my I AM Presence/Higher Self responds…

Elohim imparts news of great importance. 

Elohim begins again. We accept every aspect of you. Take a breath and recompose yourself.

Elohim is asking to approach narrow-minded rascals who won’t be approached otherwise. (I smile.)

If you engage relationships with creative enthusiasm, the whole world will open up. Blessings. God’s grace flows through us.The I AM presence has every bit of information that you will allow. It continues to grow as we open to new ideas.

What Came Through From Intellect Versus Words or “Vowel Sounds”

We make the choice to try and hear with words or with intellectual understanding. When we make the choice for words, and remain calm, there is a value we place. This, they say, takes place in the Cerebral Cortex and specifically in the Occipital lobe which has to do with vision. In contrast, the Temporal lobe involves memory, hearing, emotion, and language. Personally, I wonder whether memory issues are a result of us being more conscious of another area of our brain having to do with raised channeling ability.


I was aware of the information I had to weed through as I tried to “hear” the words from Elohim and my I AM Presence. I was picking up energy from work. Snippets came up having nothing to do with the discussion I was trying to continue, so I took a breath and refocused a few times. This is VERY important to realize, because so many books make it sound like you just open up and hear spirit guides. There is sooooo much out there about protecting yourself from supposed energetic villains, and there is very little about how to practically tune in to spirit. Meditation is not psychologically and consciously tuning your reception. This is what I’m talking about here. It’s learning to be a better communicator back and forth with spirit/ energy.

One thing I forgot to mention: They expressed that often they have large amounts of information to get through to us, and there is a part of the brain where we help tune out other things by placing more value on the message. I think they help with this energetically. So often we hear the same part of a message over and over until we better tune in and get the context. If we run off with just the snippet, our creative mind steps in and adds potentially incorrect meaning. Patience. They have it with you, so you must have it with you too.


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