Self-Worth, Energy, and Your Body’s Many Parts

Women young and old struggle with self-worth,(See my stories: A Teenage Girl at the Park, The Teenage Girl Follow-Up or The Feeling of You for more on this topic.), and I believe it is linked to our knowledge of our own bodies. Historically, one needs only go back to the life of Ida Craddock. In the late 1890’s, she wrote sex education pamphlets, very controversially as a single woman, to help married couples. Her belief in sexual self-control gave women rights, but it also encouraged men by helping them create the right time. We were a world vibrating with the impact of the Industrial Revolution, and yet women were married without any understanding of sex, childbirth, and one can assume menopause. This knowledge was considered obscene. Ida was sent to an insane asylum for 3 months without being judged insane. In New York she was sentenced to 3 months in the city workhouse for her pamphlets that a jury never read. She was released, and eventually a conflict with Anthony Comstock meant she had a choice between declaring herself insane or a longer sentence in jail. Ida decided to write letters to her mother and the press, preserve her writings, and then take her life on October 16, 1902.

Now, 112 years after Ida Craddock, women have the right to learn about their own bodies. The majority of us have the ability to learn about our own bodies, and yet a jarring amount of us choose to learn woefully little. I know when I get my period. I know when I don’t. If the body gives us trouble, we learn a bit more, and a bit more, but really only as much as we need. Of course, I have to make some generalizations here. Still look at women, and look at how we respond to body, mind, and spirituality. We judge our bodies. We change our bodies. We complain about them. Usually it is a sickness that causes a deeper look. Many can’t make the leap to thinking our bodies connect us to spirit, because connecting with the body is the terrifying part. If we don’t hold it in contempt, we fear others will.

Your body may have:

Come from ancestors with cancer, heart disease, diabetes.

Women in your family may have trouble with fertility, carrying babies full-term, or require C-sections.

Bodies in your family may be violent and like to hit.

Your body may have been molested or raped.

Bodies in your family may crave drugs or alcohol to excess or like to over-feed or starve themselves due to eating disorders.

You are still here though, and loving your body means making it less of a stranger. Seeing your body’s connection to a divine energy source means exploring your body bravely.

You will find many teachers out there with lots of certificates and credentials. I have not been taught that way. I am living a wonderful life. I am a wife, mother, and creative who happens to get insight from other dimensions, master teachers, angels, and so forth. Much of this knowledge has to do with the female body, and I don’t always know what to do with it. I have been trying to put together a cohesive collection of lessons to support women in their self-worth and spiritual awakenings. It stumps me, because the insights don’t always come in a linear fashion. It’s hard, so I guess I’ll just begin where I AM.


 Meet Mafdet, the Egyptian goddess of judgement, justice, and execution. She is often seen with the head of a Cheetah. In this case, I found her in the center of a Phalaenopsis orchid . Her name means, “She who runs.” According to, she was seen as the protector of Ra, the Sun god. His name is linked to “creative.” Mafdet also protected sacred places. One hardly needs to channel Georgia O’Keeffe to see Mafdet’s face and Egyptian headdress as a clitoras, and a smiling cheetah at the entrance of a vagina. I see it as a natural mandala. You will find mandala defined as a spiritual guidance tool, used for establishing a sacred space, and an aid to meditation.

All rights reserved. Copyright Christine S. Lucas, 2014


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