What the Elementals Can Bring You in 2015 – Part 2

IMG_9115 I helped a man buy a plant for his yard, and he posed a telling question: Will this thing attract critters to my yard? It’s easy for me to forget that lots of people aren’t comfortable even out in their own yards. Nature’s many wonders bring them fear. Stings, bites, allergies, rashes. If you’re the sort to identify with all of the mishaps, let me suggest that you take conscious steps to release this. Be among plants, dirt, and bugs. Be there for longer and longer periods, and learn.

You might live in an area of the world where it’s bitter cold, and this is the perfect time to read about the “critters” out there. When we learn about individual species, we empower ourselves with knowledge of their behavior. The fear of the unknown is the easiest one to send packing in this case. This wasp sends many people running across their yards, but a little investigation makes even those who are allergic to a potential sting feel at ease.

You see, until we make an effort to remove fear, it will filter all of our experiences. It will taint them and make it difficult for you to have faith in your own perceptions. Fear is like drunk driving for the awakening human. It changes your actions. It says react rather than create.

Lesson 1. Celebrate creation by learning to be in nature without fear.



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