When Your Cherub is the Firefly…

Nature meets us where we are, and that should be a comfort. There is a beautiful connection between you and the Earth that you may not understand initially. Expose yourself to it, and you will find it to be a wonderful teacher. Ask yourself what parallels exist between you and the natural world. We react to the outdoors the way we react to our self and our body. Seek perfection in either place, and it is the opposite of acceptance. Acceptance is important, because it is a launching point for creativity and manifestation.


There is freedom in releasing the need for predictable results, and nothing can teach you that better than working with plants, animals, and weather. Also, embrace a world where the only ego is your own. Anything at all sprouting from fear, anger, judgment, desire, guilt, etc., is coming from you! It’s yours to work with, to watch emerge, and pluck out of the earth if need be. Maybe I should say ground into the Earth. There is no struggling about whose issue is whose. Water a garden, and know that anything that rises of the ego is yours to release and a catalyst for growth.

What are we shooting for with nature?

Our bodies have the abilities to send and receive, and that does not just mean with other people. We can harvest intelligent insight from our bodies. Our bodies are nature. What spiritual tools give us is a way to increase the vibrational vocabulary that we understand. They also increase the vibrational vocabulary that we can consciously tune into. Energy medicine, whether it be from plants, stones, or other means, teaches us the vibration for self-love/rose quartz, grounding/sage (the herb), balancing masculine and feminine/ the jasper derived Shiva Lingam stone. There are countless other ways to achieve desired results, and they are very personal. That is why I can’t tell you to touch this plant to feel a certain way. I can suggest, but it is up to you to get out and explore.IMG_9016

Amber is a nice stone that I enjoyed sensing early on. I held it between my two fingers and felt the energy field around my body shift. It’s like learning to read and spell. A mantra or essential oil may have the same result for you. This is just one way of opening up. It’s a way I want to put out there for those of you who wish to learn more.

What can you learn just by being you? It might be time to pick up a notebook.

Happy Solstice!!!

Love, Christine

Copyright 2014, Christine S. Lucas

Ladytown Mystic


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