In Appreciation of Solitude and Fellow Travelers Alike


I am kind of like an aphid. I like sucking plant juice and clustering with familiars. I can take being alone. I can even appreciate it, but then I want to come back and tell you what being alone felt like. I want you to tell me what being alone felt like. I like that we’re fellow travelers, even when our paths take us to different sections of a wispy gaura.

Hearing spirit is what makes me feel that sense of connection when so many on the physical plane are scattered. The voice of spirit companions validates and invigorates, and this was no more the case than in 2013. On Christmas Eve I heard a choir stunningly clear with clairaudience.  It was gorgeous and it lasted for quite a while. This Christmas Eve:  I did not hear them, and it made me sad. In the middle of the night on Christmas Eve I felt sad! I felt longing. Why?
If you are looking back at how this year played out in comparison to years gone by, remember that you are somewhere else. “Think of how solitude opened you up in just three months,” spirit reassured. It reassured so audibly! My pineal gland once functioned like a kernel of corn put out by Orville Redenbacher. Now I feel a closeness with spirit, a comforting familiarity and trust.

It is this same trust that allowed me to feel the beautiful souls out there who mean so much. Communication happened on so many beautiful levels. It was not words. It was not calls or cards. It was a knowing and a gratitude. There was also something else. I am learning about Earth energy. I am immersed in it. I am swimming with it, and I am channeling Elohim energy. It makes sense that things are different. It makes sense that last year would not replay like a sitcom rerun.  That doesn’t stop us from wanting. We’re human. We can get nostalgic, and then we can remind ourselves that we know so little about what the universe holds for us. The adventure is not over.


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