Beginner Self-Contained Mystics: Step Into Your Flow in 2015

Facebook is full of Rumi quotes, but most of us are not Whirling Dervishes.  We take a little bit of information, and we see where it applies to our own lives. For many people, this is watering down spiritual truths and practices. I disagree. I look at the presence of spirituality on the internet as writing and reading prompts. In fact, that is largely how I view life. We find inspiration for growth in countless places. What will push you forward in 2015, and who needs this push in the first place?


I believe that the energy and spiritual aspects of our body is a subject often overlooked. Its potential is not only untapped, but you might not even believe it exists at all. Those of us who do have to start somewhere.  Lots of times it happens when we are in pain. Even when we are in chaos, spirit does not abandon. We are spirit. We are energy. Recognize these signs.

First bit of insight: Hey, I don’t want it this way anymore.

Second bit of insight: The way I feel scares me. I’m reminded of that quote, “You think it’s anger, but it’s fear.”

(Hey, why not read my page: Fear and the New Self-Contained Mystic?)

Third bit of insight: I’ve tried everything! Being exasperated is a good sign. You’re fed up. Being fed up says I’ve looked outside myself long enough. The answers are in me.

Getting back to your body’s insight means dealing with the backlog of emotional energy it’s carrying. That’s the start. That’s why you feel bad. Bad emotions are celebrated and talked about over and over in our culture, but that is attachment. So, ask yourself what pain you are holding onto so tightly? What is the pay off?

I am working on developing a deeper layer to this blog. A lot of the information requires much more in-depth study than people will give to a blog. To accommodate those who want deeper understanding of my experiences regarding plant healing and awakening tools, and to compensate myself for the time and effort of putting it all in a useable form, I’m going to set up a pay wall for specific topics. You can read the basics and then choose to dive deeper for a small fee. Right now I’m trying to understand the WordPress options that include pay per view and subscriptions, and goodness knows what all. Ugh. It’s my own demon – the dreaded Plug-In. It’s coming soon. Are Star Seeds code masters? I fear I might have to chew on a Unicorn horn to get this thing going. Onward and upward though!



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