Changing Your Center Point Frequently: The Key to Manifesting in 2015


Placing cloves in a clementine is a good centering activity any time of year.

This image reminds me of the ball that dropped in Times Square last night. It had 22,000 LED bulbs on it, and that’s some impressive lightwork. Every single spot on the globe has a different vantage point. It is centered, or locked in, to a specific perception. It’s easy to draw the parallels between ourselves and lights, but let’s remind ourselves that detachment means we’re not locked in anywhere. This is key to manifesting with our I AM divinity, and yet so many of us are white knuckling the steering wheel. No, no, no, detachment is freedom and empowerment. Why? Because every time we learn something new, and move to a new clove on the orange, our I AM grows stronger. It has more knowledge and less fear. It finds more love and less fear.

We are taught about the power of the I AM affirmation. We are cautioned about making negative affirmations, but loosen the heck up. It’s okay. Watch this: I am blonde I am fat. I am hungry. I am confident. I am loved. I am pissed the fuck off. I am scared. I am loved. I’m scared. I’m cool. I’m a psychologist. I’m a writer. I write sexual humor. I write scientific articles on beekeeping. I LOVE Wham! I hate Wham. I love George Michael, but I am hating Pepsi. I am so digging this Pepsi again. I am a good mom. I am a bad mom. I am a good mom. I am a bad mom. I am a determined mom full of gratitude and love. With every second and thought you can change your center. You can bring novel possibilities to a life that feels stuck. When you find a place that you enjoy, hang out there for a while. When it gets old, move to a new clove.

New center points allow us to consciously correct course when the ego throws a fit or gets hurt so badly. New center points change our world again and again and again. I’m starting a new section on Ladytown Mystic for Centering Activities. I’ll collect yours and mine. This is about always growing, and a variety of cloves is the spice of life.


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