Will You See a Thunderbird or Become One?


You might be looking for a sign that you’re on the right path, that you are aligned with a purpose more grand than you know. I remember my dream of the huge bird with the 25 foot wingspan back in 2012. I didn’t know what it meant. I wanted it to be a sign, and so it became one. You see, a sign is what we call validation. We may allow it to remain that for a while. But one day comes when you stop waiting for signs, and you begin creating them. If a sign is a blessing that gives us permission to move forward in a certain direction, then how empowering is it to become that blessing for ourselves?

When we call something a sign, we still don’t find the meaning right away. We must fuel it. We must ignite it, and that’s pretty hard to do at first. It can be scary. It can be a tremendous burden to make something a sign. My thunderbird eventually told me I was aligning with earth energies. What will your signs be? You can hold some and let others go. Where do they go? Back to what they were: onion skin in front of sunlight on a January afternoon.



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