The Shiva Lingam Stone – Healing Creatively, Reproductively, and Sexually


If the spiritual path is a return to wholeness, than a healthy sexuality and reproductive system is part of that. Our lives, however, include many events that challenge this. Women’s health isn’t something I want to leave to professionals, because I am a women. I am curious, inspired, and believe in my heart that women can heal a great many ills by reconnecting with their body’s intelligence. There are great disconnects that happen. How we feel about this vessel we travel in changes again and again, and I want you to consider that we should be our body’s cheerleader rather than naysayer. We can start this by becoming champion listeners to its many messages. Why focus on the reproductive system? Well, it’s like a former gynecologist told me: I was going to be an eye doctor, but the other end is so much more exciting.

I want to invite you to check out my insight and exercises you can do with the Shiva Lingam Stone. If reconnecting with your spirt, sexuality, and reproductive health is important to you, check this out.

Discernment, Balancing, and Removing Energetic Armor
in the Sexual/Reproductive System

Copyright 2015 Christine S. Lucas



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