Dark Matter, Cloves, and the Clementine

The week after Christmas I psychically heard, “Look into dark matter.” It stayed with me, but it was also kind of vague. After all, I’m not a scientist. What was I supposed to learn? That same week I picked up a clementine and began pushing cloves into it. I posted pictures of it on this blog. It wasn’t until I was in the waiting room in my doctor’s office, a few days ago, that I saw this article: http://www.space.com/28289-dark-matter-and-dark-energy-explained-in-images.html. It’s in the January National Geographic. Scroll down; the machine used to detect dark matter is featured here.

Guess what it looks like!


Does it mean I’m supposed to go find a giant rock formation and meet some musical spaceships? No. It’s just that we find these connections. Sometimes you are the only one who gets it. That’s okay. You might not know the reason right away, and maybe there is reason. When this happens, however, it feels like I’m in the flow.


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