Intuitive Eating: Mushrooms Beat Menstrual Cramps

Anecdotal evidence might as well be a lolly pop covered in cigarette ashes. A bunch of people make their lives about finding proof, and there is nothing wrong with that. We need those people and have benefited from them in many instances. Cultivating your intuition means learning from your own insight. I like sharing what I learn on here, because I think it demonstrates possibilities. I am no different than you when it comes to insight. You don’t grow as much from trusting my insight as you do from trusting your own. Let me tell you a story.

I’ve gotten really into mushrooms lately thanks to the speech I’ve posted below by Paul Stamets. It talks about mushrooms and how our bees use fungi to protect themselves from obstacles like pesticides, etc. I work at a plant nursery. We sell things I don’t want customers to use, and we sell products I’d love for them to use. The goal is consumer education, and this speech my Stamets makes a heck of an impression. I wondered if I could grow mushrooms and help his cause and mine. Wouldn’t it be a great project with my five-year-old son?

I went to the store and bought two kinds of mushrooms: Bunapi (White Beech Mushrooms) and Maitake (Hen of the Woods).

White Beech, Bunapi

White Beech, Bunapi

Hen of the Woods, Maitake

Hen of the Woods, Maitake







After the mushroom growing project with the Bunapis, I used the leftover along with the Maitakes to make a very simple soup.

Recipe: 32 oz. of organic chicken broth
Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1-2 inches of ginger paste
Chopped carrot
Chopped celery

Now, I ate the soup for lunch yesterday.

Fast forward to talk of old Aunt Flo also known as my menstrual cycle. Cramps that pair with this once made me step out of 10th grade Economics to barf in a metal trash can. Later the pain would make me quiver and reluctantly abandon a college class taught by a man who I so wanted to impress. Nice job, uterus. I shook all the way home and, you guessed it, barfed once more. While I have made peace with my uterus for providing me with my son, it has been known to make me want to punch a duck from time to time. I love ducks. Pain is expected every single time. Three Advil may take the edge off.

Guess what! Not this time. I ate mushroom soup for lunch yesterday. Hmmm. Then this morning, in that twilight state before becoming fully awake I hear, “No beach. No beach. No beach.” What did that mean? Whatever, but this thought of the health benefits of mushroom soup  lingered. I did some light reading and discovered that Maitake mushrooms increase our absorption of Vitamin D, and this can make the world safer for ducks in my area. Later this morning I thought about how I heard, “No beach.” Maybe what I heard was, “No Beech.” I don’t see the same menstrual benefits from the White Beech Mushroom as with ingesting the Maitake.

Read for yourself, and investigate the sources that you trust. Follow your insight and feel better.


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