The Forgotten Parts: The Contractive Nature of Disease

I recently watched a movie that’s been promoted on Facebook, and it’s called Sacred Science. In it, a Shaman speaks about how we view disease in modern culture. We try and direct our attention elsewhere. We focus on the strong parts of ourselves. We live in a healthy mindset, and we deny our illness our very soul. The positive thinking agenda, while good-natured, would have us remove all thought energy from our illness in an attempt to return our bodies to health. This Shaman, however, pointed out that we actually take our body’s ability to heal itself away from the injured part. We move energy from where it’s needed. Consider this for a while. I believe it carries over to many parts of our lives. IMG_3142

Love is considered all powerful. It is healing. It bolsters. Do we love our diseases though? Do we love our tumors, painful joints, our inflamed intestines, our failing livers, cancerous lungs,  our sickle-shaped cells? No. We go to war against them. We man up. We prepare for battle. We become rigid and defiant, and often angry. None of that is wrong, but it isn’t always effective. I am wondering how it might work if love played a more focused role. Could we engage that energy of love and target it to what ails us?

I am particularly interested in those suffering from chronic pain, and the emotional aftermath of trauma. It is human nature to avoid suffering, and so within our bodies we withdraw our self from the painful parts. Imagine yourself as this shining gold light. You fill your human body. Every cell is saturated with the divine you, until something hurts. We think about it and think about it, but the thinking doesn’t make the hurt go away. Eventually, we pack our bags and head to another town. So, I ask you: How does removing consciousness from a part of the body encourage healing? IMG_2799

Could it be that people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Clinical Depression, Cancer, Neuropathy, Anxiety Disorders, etc., have energetically vacated parts of themselves? If so, it is certainly understandable. What about people who have been abused sexually and physically? Have they energetically left parts of themselves? If so, how might we help them return? Love. It’s an expansive force that allows for the healing process. It walks through dark rooms and shatters old patterns and illusions. What might this do on a cellular level? What might it do to love one’s self from head to toe?


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