The Lamb & Oatmeal: How Cooking Teaches You to Trust Yourself

IMG_2886Following your intuition means following through and trusting it. A fun way to try this is at the grocery store. See what finds you. See what you want to touch and smell. You will probably be surprised when you give yourself this playful freedom.IMG_3159

Readers of this blog know I’ve been drawn to mushrooms lately, and yesterday I was shocked to find a package of lamb meat in my hands. The marbled texture, the bone, the fact that I don’t like eating lamb other than on a gyro jostled around in my head. It’s $8.50. Do you want to spend $8.50 on something you might mess up or that you just don’t like? Was this on your list? That bitch is just your ego. Throw her under the grocery cart with the big bag of Alpo. For that matter, it might be your mother’s ego. Either way, disregard. You are on an adventure.

That oatmeal over there happened this morning. I’m more the type to eat my oatmeal in a Garfield mug, but just look at it. That’s part of the one, yes ONE, place setting of the China pattern India. We only got one setting as a wedding gift from my sister – 11 years ago, and so it sits on the shelf mocking us. Anyway, I set a pot of milk on the stove to make it. I threw in some cinnamon, vanilla, and chia seeds. (The small container I bought at Whole Foods six months ago is bottomless.) That’s when my intuition started barking about fennel. I had some freshly ground fennel seeds from yesterday’s lamb stew.


Just a pinch, it told me. I took a big whiff of it. It smelled better today for some reason. I don’t usually like fennel, but the second whiff was even better. In oatmeal? The compulsion to put this fennel in the oatmeal was real and out of nowhere. I did it. Would you have done it? We’ve all got busy lives, and this was real, steel cut oats. Cooking another batch would take 25 minutes. Are you brave enough to fuck with your oatmeal?

The fennel met up with the blue berries in there, and that smell asked for orange juice. (If at any point you are measuring something other than the oatmeal or milk, knock that shit off.) I pulled the orange juice out and put a few splashes into the simmering pot. It went something like: splash, sniff, splash-splash, sniff.

The lamb and the oatmeal turned out beautifully. Feeding yourself is important. Insight needs full. Remember this as you feed everyone else in your life. You must care for yourself to build trust in yourself. As you do, it doesn’t have to be so serious. What a glorious trip it can be.


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