Body Intelligence: Be a Cellular Mystic and Your Genes Fit Better

IMG_1902_2Any discovery starts with wondering, and that feeling is one of curiosity rather than fear. Over the last few days I have seen soulful revelations in those around me and within myself. These energy shifts, I suspect, begin in our bodies on a particle level. We react to them after the fact, like light from inner stars.

Elohim Points – On December 14th of last year, I channeled this information: A central nervous system has 25 Elohim connections. A central nervous system has valuable insights. If you encounter your own corner of the world as a psychic, you will find many souls who wish to do the same. Because you have sensory perception, you have 29 ways of seeing a single dot. (I wonder whether I heard that wrong and it was 25 and not 29, like the Elohim connections.) Then energy we use to open; this is the single most poignant message: The Elohim connections have source that goes through the connective tissue that is inside your extremities.   In the last day or so, I channeled more. Elohim points have signs and colors associated with them. Each of these points have to be centered or cleared.

I know my intuition is trying to tell me something when I psychically hear the same word or phrase over and over. You have to have a sense of humor about this. It’s like my higher self knows my references for things. For a few days I heard: Cell Membrane. It wasn’t too surprising. I have been interested in how cells work lately. But then I woke up hearing the song from Sleeping Beauty. I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. In the movie, the sleeping dame is named Aurora. Cell membrane + Aurora = Uh, oh Gooooooogle!

Biochemistry In a Nutshell (Courtesy of Wikipedia) “In biochemistry, a kinase is a type of enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of phosphate groups from high-energy, phosphate-donating molecules to specific substrates.” “Kinases are classified into broad groups by the substrate they act upon: protein kinases, lipid kinases, carbohydrate kinases. Kinases can be found in a variety of species, from bacteria to mold to worms to mammals.[10] More than five hundred different kinases have been identified in humans.[2] Their diversity and their role in signaling makes them an interesting object of study. Various other kinases act on small molecules such as lipidscarbohydratesamino acids, and nucleotides, either for signaling or to prime them for metabolic pathways.”

Ladytown Mystic Take: They have to do with signaling in cells.


More from Wiki-dudes. “Aurora A kinase also known as serine/threonine-protein kinase 6 is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the AURKAgene.” “Aurora A is a member of a family of mitotic serine/threonine kinases. It is implicated with important processes during mitosis and meiosis whose proper function is integral for healthy cell proliferation. Aurora A is activated by one or more phosphorylations[4] and its activity peaks during the G2 phase to M phase transition in the cell cycle.[5] “The aurora kinases were first identified in 1990 during a cDNA screen of Xenopus eggs.[4] The kinase discovered, Eg2, is now referred to as Aurora A.[6] It was not until 1998, however, that Aurora A’s meiotic and mitotic importance was realized.” “The human genome contains three members the Aurora kinase family: Aurora A kinase, Aurora B kinase and Aurora C kinase.”

OH AND GET THIS: (Again…from Wookies at Wikipedia.) “Aurora A dysregulation has been associated with high occurrence of cancer. For example, one study showed over-expression of Aurora A in 94 percent of the invasive tissue growth in breast cancer, while surrounding, healthy tissues had normal levels of Aurora A expression.[4] Dysregulation of Aurora A may lead to cancer because Aurora A is required for the completion of cytokinesis. If the cell begins mitosis, duplicates its DNA, but is then not able to divide into two separate cells it becomes an aneuploid– containing more chromosomes than normal. Aneuploidy is a trait of many cancerous tumors.[7] Ordinarily, Aurora A expression levels are kept in check by the tumor suppressor protein p53.[4]

Ladytown Mystic Take: The Aurora family of kinases have to do with communications that take place during the cell cycle. These communications take place across the cell membrane. Boom. What was that? A Thunderbird dropping knowledge on you? Exciting, right?

IMG_2897 Most of us go through our lives having no real concept about what’s going on in our bodies. Our cell membranes? Are you kidding me? Bitch, I don’t even balance my checkbook. Okay, let’s not get stuck on the finances. Even if you are using QuickBooks to cure constipation, you are no better than the those crapping money away. Pause, and soak up my eloquence. Now, spiritually speaking is energetically speaking. When we read about chakras and meridians, portals and vibrations, we are speaking about what is happening in our own physical body. We are on the same thread, but we are tugging at different spots. Stay tuned for more on this.


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