Can the Western Woman Talk About Her Sacral Chakra?


I belong to a Facebook group called Mudra and Mantra Magic that is run by a smart and engaging woman named Pallavi. A recent post of Pallavi’s discusses the sacral chakra, and I realized how little we all are content to know. There is so much richness to body intelligence, and yet the New Age section of the bookstore and even the vastness of the internet only butter on the thinnest layer of understanding. You might ask yourself why, and the answer is a mix of Western exuberance, pleasure centers, and ego. The Sacral chakra is associated with the reproductive organs, but I didn’t know, until reading Pallavi’s post, that it is also connected with taste.

Huge populations of American women are not prepared for this conversation. I know I’m not. I read that bit about taste and tongue and fired off a mental retort to a woman I had a conversation with a year before: Bitch, I told you my tongue is connected to my genitals! Little spin-off retorts sparked all around me for a while. “You thought I was crazy and oversexed and, and fucked up. Right? Right? Well suck on this: My pussy and tongue go hand in hand. My vulva, vagina, and clitoris are all up in your white light.”IMG_6715

So, you see, I’m still working stuff out. I am a modern American woman and part of a species swimming in a culture that re-enforces insecurities. I have to beat down self-doubt, and I see this in other women all the time. We’re not swimming. We’re drowning our unique selves in brown pond water. We can’t see our selves or each other for what we are, and so we are on guard all the time. When we awake spiritually and figure a few things out, the murky waters are full of reflections that make us feel crazy. When we learn and have the nerve to talk about our bodies, and their invisible energies, we seem overly sexual, vulgar, and inappropriate. Well, at least that excuse gets us off the hook for a while. I think we should hold ourselves accountable for more.
The more we allow our selves the treasured freedom of speech and expression, the more our internal body intelligence comes to the surface. Here are some things to consider regarding this energetic connection between our genitals and mouths.

When we are hearing and seeing we tend to forget about other senses like taste. Taste has several layers to it. Our perception of our mouth has many layers to it. It’s a place we put metal instruments. It’s a place where some people beat themselves up about the whiteness of their teeth. We show our heart energy to a child by opening our mouth and singing. We open a door and say, “Hi. How are you?”
Energy moves from our mouth all the time. It’s a pleasure center, and words and thoughts can move that pleasure all over our body. “I love your necklace,” you might say. The woman in front of you reaches her hand up to it. Her thoughts go to the center of her neck or chest. There are extreme cases, or shall we say phases we go through, where we armor our selves with pleasure.
Think of people who take lots of pleasure from their personal appearance. The act of adorning one’s self, not to mention extensive grooming, is activating pleasure centers all over the body. It is feeding on the pleasure response. At some point it is a good idea to ask yourself what happens when you stop? A woman who always wears bangles, rings, and necklaces feels anxious without them. It’s the same with hair and makeup. What needs to surface? What is that armor of pleasure holding inside?
A mint gives a temporary sensation to our facial muscles, a little massage. A piece of ice lands on your tongue, and you are engulfed in the chill. Too much salt can make us gag and our body convulse. Energy moves. The energy in the food we eat matters.
Lots of women need mental clarity to have an orgasm. It’s why doing chores for us gets us excited. It’s why time away from a cluttered environment gets us excited. I can’t speak for all women in all circumstances, but the skinny is this: Our stress response impedes sexual arousal. During sex, you or your partner may talk. This is a mouth and genital connection. Energy moves back and forth. Heck, you might masturbate and talk to yourself. You might say things that need to come out. That’s all the better.
Our mouths are powerful energy centers, and they can actually magnetize energy and help clear it. A lingam stone can rest on your pubic bone, and you will get one response. When that happens, you can move the lingam stone to your mouth, and another energy response happens. This is why this stone is healing for sexuality. It works with pleasure centers, and there is nothing kinky about understanding your own body. Oh, and guess what; kinky is allowed.


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