Let Your Yard Teach You to Stop Struggling

Are you tired of hearing that buzz word abundance? It’s as overused as the word amazing, and what does it really mean when it comes to our state of mind. If we have this mysterious abundance, if we are grateful for abundance, will we have an abundance of joy? I think it is that we don’t see what we have, and it goes further than just counting one’s blessings. We go about our days seeing the problems, obstacles, and weeds in our lives. If only these intruders were gone. They eat up my time. I have to spend money to get rid of them. I feel like I am under attack, and I am so tired of the fight.

Well, in suburbia, the fight with one’s yard is constant. Especially in a climate like that of Savannah, Georgia. The growing season is long, and then there are the oak and magnolia leaves that drop all year. There is always something falling from the sky that could be raked, and there is always something coming from the ground that could be wrangled. But it is up to us to make the determination of what is good and what is not.  That struggle just doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the volunteers that have come up in my yard of late. It has taken some bravery to let them be. My yard is evolving, and with a little tending it will be glorious! Neighbors walk by and wonder what I’m doing, what I’m allowing.  This is part of it, and the contentment with what is also translates to ourselves. You see, being critical is a habit.

A friend who lives nearby walked up as I was noodling with some plants, and I told her about the various weeds making a show this time of year. I cooed over them. She said, “You know, I never noticed those white flowers there before.” That’s all I want.





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