Drop the Beet Now

IMG_3812Only a week ago, I would have told you that beets taste like dirt. That Facebook group run by my friend Pallavi now has a sister:Food4Soul. Her post on Beetroot Halwa got me thinking about how much I hate beets. I saw them and found their color seductive, but then their taste arrived on my tongue. Remember my tongue, the one energetically connected to the genitals energetically? ENERGETICALLY. Well, that tongue now had the energetic taste of a spoonful of potting soil sitting on it. No, no. Never. Oh, but they are so pretty. They are a food supporting the root chakra, and they have all sorts of health benefits. Everywhere I went there were beet references.

I bought the beets and set them on the counter. I also bought a bottle of beet juice and decided I’d sneak it into smoothies. I could trick myself into ingesting it. Here’s what I did. Pallavi encouraged me to try Cardamom for the first time. It was mostly out of shame. I felt like I owed it to the spice for having mispronounced it my entire life. I gathered friendly allies, ( strawberries, pineapple, coconut milk ), and said: You have to stand by me. You have to coat my entire tongue. Yes, I know it is energetically connected to my Ladytown. Shut it down, pineapple. This beet shit is serious. Coat my entire digestive tract so the beet slides through me like a giant water slide. Make a carpet of awesome taste to distract me. Deal, fruit loops?

Smoothie Recipe

3 or 4 strawberries

1 or 2 clementines

box (size of small juice box) of coconut milk

1/2 round to full round of pineapple

1/4 teaspoon of cardamom

8 ounces of beet juice

I tasted the beet.

I tasted it, but my allies cornered it. They made it less filthy, and they twirled it onto the dance floor. The smoothie was so good that I brought it to work, and I gave some to my friends. They thought it was delicious, and one of them is totally against lying. ; )

Today, I got out the grater. Would you look at this. I mean, seriously. IMG_3813 Beets make me want to sing Christopher Cross’s Lady in Red. Ok, no they don’t, but they are nature’s art. Grating them gets your hands all purple, and the smell gives the same satisfaction as planting in the garden. It is easy to see why people use it in artistic endeavors. Imagine its hue on handmade paper?

I melted some butter in my pan and let the beets cook a few minutes. I wasn’t quite sure how long to cook them, but they reminded me of hash brown potatoes – except sweeter. I didn’t do all of Pallavi’s recipe. My husband is diabetic, and I wanted to experiment with less sugar. A dash of cardamom, and that was it.

I liked them. Now to explore the possibilities.

So, I ask you: What is your diet missing?



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