I Carried a Melon. Should You?

Baby’s famous line in Dirty Dancing got her into the party. It took Johnny Castle to get her in touch with her body. That’s a fantasy: The dance lesson in the lake AND the fact that we can’t get ourselves back in touch. Being tuned into your body means that you can gain insight. You learn from you what your body needs to make it feel its best. The conscious body has lots to tell you. For me, it happens with body sensations and clairaudience. I pick up on energy and hear words having to do with my center. My center is my area of concentration. It means that, with mind, body, and spirit, I am tuned into a certain group of interests. My soul knows that I’m interested in nutrition, and so I wake up and get messages like the one I got recently: Ripe watermelon will take the acid out of your blood.

I work at a plant nursery, and the rushes of spring had given my muscles quite a test. I’ve been in the industry for over a decade, and I expect this. Lately, however, my muscles seemed not to recover as well. I couldn’t sleep at night. Every night during the early morning hours I would find myself doing stretches. I’d drink water, and still the next night would turn out the same way. Watermelon, huh?

I Googled, and darn it if watermelon doesn’t have a long list of benefits. One happens to be removing lactic acid from your muscles, the very cause of the soreness. It has been scientifically proven to do this better than water. It also helps remove inflammation. I started juicing it in the blender, and I’ve been drinking about 40 ounces a day.

This is how your insight can work for you. This is why I’m still thankful for the voices in my past who reminded me to “look inward” and “be gentle with yourself.” When you want answers, it is so freaking annoying to hear, and yet it is the best advice. We have the power, the inner-guidance. We don’t always believe it. We think we aren’t as good as or as smart as or as open as. We have it though. It’s all there.

Notice that your intuition raises your awareness. In fact, you will notice all of the people who might benefit from your insight. Don’t. I repeat, do not become the obnoxious intuitive who wants to fix everyone. It’s hard, because you get so excited. I get so curious. What if I could help! What if I could do it! At this point, I’m pretty much riding ego bare-back. I force myself to chill. We will all connect with the right souls. We will all share what is meant to be shared.


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