A Spoonful of Sugar Is A Mouthful of Doubt: Maybe

Women are bound to each other in our knowledge of self-doubt. It finds us all. What do you do? Are you the sort to overcome or retreat to what’s tried, true, and uncreative?IMG_4124

It sounds harsh, but empowering women means boosting the saturation. It means getting more of ourselves out there. Show me a confident woman, and I will show you there are layers beneath the veneer. Doubt, however, doesn’t have to be a misspelled tattoo or a brand on a cow’s ass. See it more as the beep of a microwave oven. There’s a door that needs to be opened.

Doubt is so pervasive among women. It reaches all women on the planet. It colors every type of decision we could possibly make. Let’s stop reducing it to a feeling. Doubt is a symptom. Oh, and think about how much we fear symptoms.  Doubt says this part of my life needs work. It needs my attention. Fear is the fangs of doubt and  revealed with our initial reaction to it.

Here "doubt" is being played by celery root which also happens to look like Chet in the film Weird Science.

Here “doubt” is being played by celery root which also happens to look like Chet in the film Weird Science.

“I bet _________ doesn’t feel this way,” we cry. We separate ourself from the pack which only serves to fuel doubt. “She is so__________.” We look at the view outside our self, outside our physical body, and outside our spiritual one. We’re abandoning ship, ladies. We’re volunteering to walk the plank. There is so much collective fear we are not able to fully care for ourselves. We are not able to fully create. We are not able to be present without a little regret and guilt afterward.

Does relaxing make you feel it?

Does affording healthy food make you feel it?

What about the time it takes to put the food in your mouth, chew, and swallow? Could you have been more efficient with your time?

What sort of stimulants do you put in your body so that you can get more done? Isn’t the feeling of accomplishment the real drug of choice? Will you sacrifice your food and sleep to get it?

How much doubt is there in areas called food deserts?

I am planting a garden that is nontraditional. I have been in the garden business since 2001, and doubt floods me when neighbors walk by. You see, I’ve dug out beds into a lawn and not put any borders around them. I’ve sewed clover seed for bees. I’ve allowed weeds to grow and bloom. It looks unkempt. I have doubt. Not about whether people will approve. I know some will not.  There is another component to this symptom. My throat feels tight as I type this. If I’m not careful it will sink to my heart. Doubt is not simply fueled by not loving and accepting one’s self. There is more to it. We must treat our bodies so that they can move energy better.

That tightness in my throat was an energetic reaction to thinking about doubt. I summoned it by writing this article. I get the same feeling when I think about how I set my grape seed oil on fire in the kitchen today. Food has more importance than we give it credit for. The subtractive nature of what we call healthy eating may be feeding this epidemic of doubt. We take away from our portions. We take away things like salt, fat, and even the time it takes to shop, cook and eat.

I challenge you to combat your doubt with self-care, and by what you eat in particular. I challenge you to add to your menu and see that it feels good. It feels adventurous. It feels indulgent and yet balanced. Investigate what your body needs.

Thyroid health is tied to the throat chakra, and this cyan energy center is often labeled only as one of self-expression. It is also tied to dental health. Caring for one’s self means giving our mouth, throat and voice value. It also means giving our appetite value. It means not finding nobility and strength in deprivation. It means not asking people to tell us what we already know but have failed thus far to say: We are okay and then some.


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