You Will Find Yourself Where You Are Needed


In other words, chill out. Breathe. Know that you are exactly where you need to be. Are you like me? During a horrible time in your life, someone has dropped this crappy line on you, and you wanted to jab them with a fondue fork. I know I hit an artery, but breathe through the blood. You are right where you need to be.

That poor sucker you stuck like a chocolate piece of pineapple is absolutely right though. By embracing where you are, you can become aware of its importance. You can see that nobody does you better than you. What you bring is needed. That’s why it is vital to take care of yourself. Honor yourself, and set personal boundaries so that you are not allowing others to take advantage of your energy. Use it wisely, and you will know when the time is right.

That flow that we talk about has levels. For example, you can start off the day consciously telling yourself things like: I’m going to be positive. I’m going to help others. I’m going to embrace the day. All of that is good, but after a while you embody that. You just slip from your groggy morning into a day where you shine. You might not know you are shiny. It can happen when you are covered in mud, or as I like to call it rich organic matter suitable for planting. Others need the light, and they will show up and reflect it back to you. Who will you be there for?IMG_3477

My job puts me in contact with the general public all the time, and you might think a busy plant nursery would prevent conversations about anything heavy. In the course of a year, however, I have had three women talk to me about the death of their husbands. I have had a man carry in an ailing peace lily that marked the death of his son in 1994, and a woman tell me about the loss of her sister only a month before. Do the colorful posies and plants make people want to open up? Is it my curiosity and tendency to engage customers in conversation that allows it? If so, think about why it only happens with certain people? I have had lots of people buy plants for funerals or cemeteries, but there are certain people that find me. Or I find them. Better yet, we find each other. We share space, breathe, and have an authentic exchange that feels spiritual – if only from its lack of superfluous word clutter. It’s bare-bones humanity surrounded by the healing green energy of plants.

There is a tenderness among tribal living that doesn’t seem to exist in modern life. Standing close to people, touching during a conversation, soothing another’s emotional wound with a caress. These are human behaviors that have been weeded out for fear that sexuality will creep in and cause havoc. At the same time, spa treatments, massages, and chiropractic work are prevalent. We seek connection. We seek a falling away of pleasantries in order to get closer to the heart.


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