Earth Day Reminds Us to Appreciate the Very Small


I started this year with a dream where I was under the chin of a turtle. I was so close to the ground that this ancient face looked down on mine. Did it plan to hurt me, I wondered. No, it was saying this is how close you will be to Earth this year. Centered on the ground beneath my feet has put me in the garden, and I love taking photos of what I find. This moss was found in an Echinacea pot we were selling at work. I made a terrarium out of it, because don’t you just love the little palm trees?

I have planted a garden in my front yard that looks obnoxious as far as the typical subdivision landscape is concerned, but it has the spirit of a child. My child and I love to water it together. We pick strawberries. We find caterpillars with a magnifying glass. There is not much time after work and before bedtime, but this shaggy patch allows quality. I’m having to learn to set my phone down. He’s got good aim with the hose.

Then there was the blooming privet. I spotted interesting action last evening. Beetles were doing it all over my bush! I mean all over. It’s a big bush.


IMG_4298Note that the lady beetles don’t shave their legs before sex either. I like that gal’s serious grip on the leaf and how his back foot is touching her back foot. This sort of act was going on all over this shrub. The stench of drug store cologne nearly put me face down in my Better Boy tomato patch.



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