The Cholesterol Mystic: Intuitive Connection With a Specific Purpose

10403216_10204158808664490_425564217508364422_nI have been on Statin drugs since I was diagnosed with high cholesterol at 26. I will turn 40 this year, and I am asking myself how I can create real inner change without them. Medical intuitives are plentiful in our society, even as main-stream media does not demonstrate this to the public. How does an individual used to channeling a broad range of insight sharpen her pencil? This was my question, and now I’m starting to get answers.

It requires creating a realm for this purpose. A realm is the sharpened pencil. It means tuning out the wide strokes of the universe. It means opening a fine line of insight just having to do with cholesterol. This is what I’ve gained this morning.

It takes a leap of faith. It means not taking my medicine for 3 months to mark progress. This is my desire. Spirit doesn’t care. I was given this advice however.

When channeling, try to elaborate as little as possible. Me elaborate? In other words, spirit is saying shutty!

Next, be aware of and release preconceived ideas about this process.

“Opening your arteries can be a pleasant experience.”

I was reminded that I am working with millimeters of space within my body. In other words, feel the encouragement not a mountain in front of you.

Cholesterol, I learned, has to do with how we hold sentiment. Sudden shocks to the system that emotions bring are to be expected, but it is our conversations with self that allow them to continue. Allowing your reactions to flow through you like a screen is important.

Also, welcome two new entities. A little mystery is to be expected, I suppose.

Finally, I was reminded that this is an hour by hour process. Taking it in small chunks, I presume, will prevent the emotions from failure and success from lasting too long. The next hour will always be there with a fresh start.


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