Stuffed Grape Leaves – Slow Food Project

IMG_2650Resonating with plants is more than digging a whole and putting a plant in the ground. It is enjoying the tactile and sensory experience of cooking with them. Chopping fresh herbs like the dill on the left or unfolding a jar’s worth of grape leaves to make dolmades is time well spent for mind, body, spirit, and wallet. I got this recipe out of a magazine, but it also happens to be one that I eat at my favorite restaurant. Their service is terrible, however, so I packed a shelf in the fridge full of these babies.

The first thing to remember is that your kitchen is going to hold you captive for while. Now, you’re not going to be like
IMG_2649 Tom Hanks talking to a volley ball crazy, but you may get a little antsy. For this reason I suggest you fix yourself a drink, put on some music, and clean your dang kitchen first. This is energy clearing at its best. Burn sage if you like, and say some om mani padre hums too. That junk male and flipped over cat food dish will still be there giving you the stink eye.  I like to clean to Flo Rida. I find my sink takes a little bravado.


My mom got me this garlic chopping car to the left, and I wasn’t sure it would work. It do!! Do not drink too much and drive it though. You have to take the little ninja star blade out to get the bits, and things could go Kill Bill very quick.  Then there are balls.IMG_2651

These meatballs have nothing to do with dolmades, but I made them too yesterday. The meatball-making mudra is very satisfying, and so is the repetition it takes to make 20 or so. Meatball music should be one that counters any guilt you have for hunting organic chicken and not beef. This is ground chuck, so you might have some cholesterol guilt too. You might go I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation or the Barney Miller theme song for a nice instrumental. Either way, this is about getting out of your emotions and into your body and intellect. I ate the dolmades as I wrote this, and it didn’t matter that my grape leaves weren’t folded perfectly.


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