Shiva Lingam Stone: A Healing Tool For Sexual/Reproductive System

Shiva Lingam Stone Meditation



Discernment, Balancing, and Removing Energetic Armor
in the Sexual/Reproductive System

The Shiva Lingam stone can be used to better understand the nature of your masculine and feminine energies within your body, and it can reconnect you with healthy sexuality. It works, because it holds a vibration that balances these energies. This balancing can help us become aware of old feelings and release their hold on our body. As with any spiritual tool, I’m writing this based on my own experience. Take what is helpful and leave what is not.

The Nature of Feminine Energy and Our Ability to Receive Anything

Feminine energy allows us to be receptive. The ability to receive love, new knowledge, friendship, intimacy, ecstatic sex, wonderful health, and a sense of fulfillment all have to do with feminine energy.

Note: Feminine does not refer to gender. On a soul level we are without gender. We are learning to discern the feminine’s impact on our daily lives, our relationships, and more.

The Nature of Masculine Energy and Our Ability to Move Forward, Do, and Accomplish

Masculine energy is easily visualized as a driving force. It is not passive. It is the impetus to create, the reach rather than the recline. It is action.

Note: Masculine does not refer to gender. This and the previous description make no judgment on how productive women can be or how gentle man can be. This isn’t our bodies and their reproductive organs. These are the empowering energies inside every one of us.

Physical Contact and the Feminine

 Never ask your mind how it feels about something. Well, you can ask it, but chances are that at times it will be out of alignment with how your body feels about something. Every part of your body has a consciousness. Every part has a memory of previous physical contact, and these memories influence how well future physical contact is received. Your mind might say, “Dude, it’s fine.” Your vulva might not. For that matter, your neck might not, or your foot.

 Previous Trauma

 Next you have your conscious mind raising memories associated with physical contact from the past and that which you seek in the future. Yearning for great penetrative sex may be what your mind and heart want. Your body may feel otherwise.

Physical Contact and the Masculine

 When you create in ether, you are putting scenes together. You use mental energy to put the players in action. Take, for example, a sex fantasy. You create (sacral chakra working). The environment, the people involved, the positions, the anatomy being affected: these are all created by you in a sex fantasy. Fantasizing is doing. It is painting. It is drawing. It is sculpting. This assembly is influenced by your past experience or by your contemplating a future. You are not in the present when this creating is happening.

The Shiva Lingam Stone

 Authentic Shiva Lingam stones are taken from the Narmada River, a Holy place in India. They are made of jasper. According to a webpage called Natural, they are use to unite opposites like masculine and feminine or body and soul. As always, I suggest you simply work with the lingam stone and take note of how it makes you feel: mentally, emotionally, and physically. If it is a benefit, great. If it isn’t (after 3 or 4 sessions at least), then quit. Your call. Interestingly, this same web page calls it “a sexual healing partner.” I am in agreement, based on experiences and insight derived from working with my own.

Exercise A.

My theory: Based on whatever history your reproductive system has experienced, you may have energy blocks and imbalances. In the same way that a massage may reconnect you with our body’s muscles externally, the ENERGY vibration of the lingam stone can stimulate and relieve internally. I am not talking about physically inserting the stone inside you, but what you do with your free time is up to you.

 Meditation: Women, rest comfortably on your back in tight fitting pants or leggings. Rest the lingam stone on your pubic bone so that its ends are at your head and feet. It may want to slide off, so allow your upper thighs to hold it there if necessary.

Visual Cues: When you look at the lingam stone it resembles an erect penis, your penis. This can help you identify with your own masculine energy. This can tune you into sexual fantasies where you are the man, or masculine, or dominant. These aren’t to be judged but expressed in your mind’s eye freely. Alternatively, you may close your eyes and feel it as pressure against your vulva. This can be the catalyst for other sexual fantasies where you are experiencing the feminine energy of receiving.

 Your body may have a myriad of responses to the lingam stone, but they can also evolve over time.

Active visualization of the lingam stone penetrating your vagina is possible for anyone. There is no reason to fear. It is safe, but your own emotions may be released. While this isn’t always fun, it is good for you. Imagine the lingam stone penetrating you, and allow your body’s sexual response to awaken. As this happens, those who are clairsentient (feel energy), may feel this and become more aroused. You may not feel it at first but learn to feel it. That is awakening dormant abilities, and a very good sign.

Visualizing the lingam stone penetrating you recreates body movement that happens during the sex act: labia are separated, pressure is applied to the vulva and interior of the vagina. It is possible to imagine turning the stone inside you, penetrating further, or less. This can clear out old energy, and it re-enforces your mind’s connection to your body. It reconnects your spirit to your body.

This isn’t an experience that has to be sexually ecstatic, but it might end up that way. It may begin as a tingle, and it may end up as an orgasm. It may feel like a deep place inside of you is being reached and massaged thereby clearing old wounds. There is even a birth-like release of energy. It maybe be helpful to imagine lingam stones stacked inside you to feel them at and beyond your cervix. It may be of help to imagine them wider in diameter to stretch you more intensely. Thoughts move energy.

Exercise B: Reaching Higher Energies With the Lingam Stone (Guidance)

 Know that when healing your body, your higher-self, guides, angels, etc. are all there to help. The fact that this has to do with your healthy sexuality and reproductive system doesn’t change that. Hearing them with clairaudience or feeling them with clairsentience takes some weeding out of your thought debris. What may put your mind at ease is seeing all interactions that seem like they are with others are, in reality, interactions with higher aspects of yourself.

Guess what, if something turns on your body physically, the mind typically creates a fantasy to go along with it. This is your blessing to enjoy. It’s part of your right as a human being, but the time may come to set aside your creating and simply receive. At times you may want to keep a notebook handy.

Use the lingam stone in the past, but pay attention to when sexual energy starts a mental fantasy. Try to feel the sexual energy and resonance with the lingam stone without creating a scene in your mind. Just pay attention to sensations in your body. If words or phrases come to mind, try to remember them and write them down.

Dealing With Emotional Releases

 In order to release emotions, both new and very old, the body needs to express them. This is not to say you need to linger over old wounds and cause a new emotional loop. This isn’t about reliving. This is about getting to the bottom of your feelings about something and then allowing whatever surfaces to move away. You aren’t in the past or in the future. You are in the present. If you write notes about your emotional releases, you are balancing them with the mind of a scientific observer. This can make you feel calm and grounded.

The Intended Effect

 Having this sort of interaction with a stone can help you remove your body’s energetic armor and improve sensations to parts of your body. It is helpful in breaking the stress response that may stand between you and a healthy sexual relationship with a partner. Make no mistake, however, it is important to have a healthy sexuality and understanding about your body’s responses to stimuli. It fosters confidence, self-reliance, and a clearer perspective in many areas of your life.


7 thoughts on “Shiva Lingam Stone: A Healing Tool For Sexual/Reproductive System

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  2. I just got diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome. This means that I am susceptible to chronic infections that require antibiotics. Antibiotics of course can cause yeast infections and I get them often. Today I was in immense pain in my pelvic region and nothing was working. I got the idea of putting the Lingam stone on my root Chakra and it actually felt better than anything I had been using for relief. I I told my worried husband that the stone was more soothing than any cream or salve I had used today.

  3. I am so glad you had a good response. I think we can all heal certain aspects of ourselves in unusual ways. That is not to say other treatments aren’t required; I am simply suggesting the more tuned to our body the better we are. I don’t add to this blog anymore, but I am glad it helped you.

  4. I recently purchased a shiva lingam stone an I’m already pretty familiar with using yoni eggs very often, I started my whole crystal collection journey because I wanted to understand my purpose in life and why the issues in my life were shifting me into such a self destructive person, I started looking for solutions that really resonated with me and I ended up getting very into crystals,kriya yoga mediation,holistic health approaches in every way possible so I’m still going through a very weird but much needed transformation currently. I enjoyed this article but have a question. is it safe to use a shiva lingam stone the way you can use a yoni egg stone ?

  5. I cannot comment on safety, because I am not medically trained. I will tell you that I suspect that lingam stones work with placed on the pubic area. I am not trained in accupressure. Having said that, using stones intuitively is a personal process. Insight is often gained in ways we don’t expect. Trust yourself.

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